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Chiropractic Care in Annapolis

At Annapolis Pain Management, we use a variety of techniques suited to each patient and their condition. Using a drug-free and hands-on approach, our chiropractic care helps restore joint mobility, relieve pain, and alleviate muscle tightness through controlled adjustments of the spine.

Chiropractic Biophysics: A Scientific Approach

Chiropractic biophysics applies the science of mathematics, physics, and biophysics to the practice of chiropractic.

Unlike regular chiropractic care that only focuses on immediate pain relief, chiropractic biophysics goes one step further by correcting and addressing the source of the pain.

CBP combines mirror image exercises to retrain muscles and posture traction that actually allows a person’s spine to get into a more stable position.

This provides more permanent pain relief and improved health for patients in need of spine and postural correction. Our doctors will begin with an examination of your spinal alignment, function, and posture. Once we identify the source of your problem we’ll create a customized treatment plan consisting of adjustments, exercises, posture work, and will recommend any other modalities we think may benefit you.

By specializing in evidence-based CBP spinal corrective chiropractic care, we’re able to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions for every patient who walks through our door.

Our Chiropractic Care Techniques

Our chiropractors employ several chiropractic care techniques to treat misalignments of the musculoskeletal system, including:

Closeup of chiropractors hands doing spinal adjustment on senior man.

Drop Table

A full-spine adjusting technique that emphasizes high speed and low force using an adjusting table with a segmented drop system. This technique allows us to get movement in the spine even when your muscles are very tight or in spasm.

Chiropractor uses the latest computer technology to diagnose and treat a patient.

Instrument Adjusting

For our patients who are concerned about hearing any “popping” or “cracking” during their adjustment often times we will utilize an instrument to help get movement in the spine with no noise other than the equipment itself. It is a very low force technique which is also great for our older population.

Charming Woman relaxing during a back-massage in a room

Diversified Adjusting

As a traditional adjustment technique, diversified adjusting involves manual adjustment that restores movement and alignment of the spine. As a widely used type of adjustment, it entails a high-velocity and low-amplitude thrust.


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Our primary concern is to help restore proper movement in the spine to help reduce your pain and speed up recovery. For our patients concerned about any manual manipulation we encourage them to explore the variety of physical therapy techniques we utilize, including, manual therapy, IASTM, cupping, dry needling to name a few.

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